A day in the life
2001-09-20 21:59:40 (UTC)

the unworthy men in my life!

Im sooo fucking sick of my dad. Whenever he talks to me Im
worried about what hes going to say... Hes such a bastard.
There is always something to bitch at me about. Thats why I
try to stay as busy as possible. Today he was bitching at
me because my room isnt clean. IF i want my room to be
clean i will clean it . As it is i dont have time to even
sleep!! I really cant take him, Paul called me... my dad
and his nosey ass; "who is that, how old is he, etc., He
acts as though i go around handing out my phone number to
random people. Does he think i dont have any sense at all.
I really wish i had gone on this date with Paul.. Fuck Im
such a jurk. I declined his invitation. I guess i didnt
want to lead him on. I dont know what to do about it,
apparently he has an obcession with me. Why does this
happen, ive never even really talked to him, i have but i
havent. Nothing that could really gain any knowledge of
eachother. I dont know what else there is that he can
possible be attracted to ... god, i think he has this
preceived notion of what i am and hes just going to be
disappointed when he finds out how wierd i am. Paul is
a really good guy, i dont want to hurt his feelings. Its
better to let him down now rather than when Im really in
a 'relationship'