REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-05 00:05:21 (UTC)

dont believe..

yo everyone dont believe what patricia pietz says. Im
tellin you trust me!shes a really big liar! and thats the
reason me and half the kids in school hate her! iv hate
her so much cause she calls my friends really offending
names and it gets me more pissed off when she says it
about people she doesnt know! she starts the worst rumors!
im serious dont believe what she said. Shes gonna act all
innocent at first. I mean when vanessa kicked the crap
outta her cause she coudnt take it anymore she started
sucking up so bad. She brought in pizza for the lunch
table and stuff and thn she went back to her normal stupid
routine. She's really abusive to...Anyone know lauren
mcginty? well she sits next to me in band and i told her
how much i hate her. Lauren told me she hates her to. She
says that she pushes her and scratches her ect...Everyone
hates her for one reason or another. for example...

StRuNg OuT11389: she talks so much shit about everyone and
thinks that we dont talk shit about her

and another example:

Bcadevils7: cuz shes a slutty whore who thinks shes kool
but shes jus lookin 4 attention..and she talks behind
peoples backs so much! i have expierience

there ya go! theres sooooooooooooooo much more people ALOT
MORE...just dont fall for her scemes...as billy said shes
just looking for attetntion. i wouldnt be going through
all this crap if i hated her im tring to warn all of you.
if it was all about me then..ha...nm that. Just dont
believe that crap thats she saying to you about other
people...shes really really :::sigh::: just dont lysen to
the crap she says about me or says that im lying...cause
im not...and if you believe me thnx..cause your doin the
right thing believeing me...but if you dont..well...jus
warnin you..watch out..

ANYWAY!!! today was pretty kewl trish didnt talk to me i
think i finally go tmy message that i dont like her
anymore...but just when everything was going good in
band...she comes up to me and asks me if i was mad at
well if your still wondering..yes i am mad at you...i
really dont like you what so ever :::i sound really
mean..but you guys jus dont understand::: im sorry
trish..well not really...but please..sttttoooopppp! you
really wouldnt be that bad if you lose your attitude and
lying skillz which you do so good. ohhh well today at
basketball rpactice i did really good. We played a
scrimmage and i stole the ball alot! it was insane im so
proud:) i also made like 4 or 5 basketbas in! danielle and
jenna ::as usual:: did awsome to! well i gotta go..cause
im sick of typing...i wasted my time talkin about pietz