Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
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2001-09-20 21:10:15 (UTC)

First :)

This is my first entry, yay! If you're trying to read to
find out the bad things going on in my life, too bad, heh.
I normaly forget the bad things, hehe. I just got back from
the state fair, it was neat :) I got a jaw breaker, my
first one ever. I've been bored-ish so I read some stuff
and talked to friends, they're all doing okay, but they are
getting depressed :/. They all have parents that don't
understand furries or bi-ness or gay-ness. Ah well, once
you get the bad all thats left is good, right? Oh! Gotta
tell about myself. I'm 14 and pretty much engaged to my
first g/f ever, we haven't met in real life yet. She's been
grounded from the computer but she sneeks on when she can.
I realy miss her, but thats a different story. I like
medieval weapons and I can shoot a bow, throw a javelin,
and use a sword with some proficiencey. I plan on being a
psychologist someday, and I want a pet skunk :). I guess
thats it. I'll have more as it comes to me, bye fur now!

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