Miss Tasty and Fyne
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2001-09-20 21:03:58 (UTC)

The Bomb after so many days

My baby came over to the house the other night and spent
the night. At first i was mad because he hadn't been there
but i hadn't had him since the last i told you and i was
hot than a mug. At first i wasn't sure he really wanted to
be there until all the company left. Since it had been so
long i didn't want him to think that he had gotten over for
being gone so long so i refuse to make love to him flat
out. I had to work the next day and I went to bed, he
followed behind me wanting a hug. We laid in bed and
hugged and kissed until he could stand it no more being a
woman i would not betray my feelings by letting him know
how hot he had made me he caressed my bare skin and sucked
on my body but i gave no sound. He asked me to open my
legs so he could lay between them, he said he knew it was
hot, he just wanted to feel my heat. I was fully dressed
so there was no penetration then. He asked my why my pussy
was wet i told him that i hadn't dried off good enough when
i got out of the shower he got upset and left the room. I
was as hot as a firecracker and i wanted him so and missed
him so much but i couldn't just let him have it that easy
so i stalled. We talked about what he had done and what i
hadn't and i was accused of things i hadn't done and made
to feel bad for about twenty minutes because he was mad and
missing me. I asked if he would come and lay with me until
i went to bed but at first he refused because he said it
would be fair and he wanted me so bad i could get raped but
he loved me and he wasn't going to do that and lying down
with me will only make the fire burn hotter. i let him
kiss on me and rub on me until he asked if we could touch
skin to skin he promised he would do anything, yeah what a
lie he just smoothed his way into it. He told me how much
he loved me and and missed me and told me he needed to
taste me how could i resist. As soon as his hot tongue
touhed my clit i went wild i grabbed his head and grinded
my hips until my pussy lips were damn near down his throat
and he worked it too like never before, I went crazy from
the thrill. By then all the heavy petting and the
resisting made him hard as a rock. When he put it inside
me i almost split. Not that it is so big but it is big
enough. I let him have all the control. He was on top
loving me and kissing me telling me how much he missed me
and telling me he wanted me to have his baby and then you
know how my baby likes it with me on my stomach and him
hitting from the back. I can feel it deep inside me when
he does it that way. Boy we worked it that night I fell
straight to sleep afterwards. I love that nigga for real.
When i get me some more i will definately let you know how
it was. I have to go see ya will write soon.

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