Sixty*s World
2001-09-20 20:43:01 (UTC)

Wednesday, 3:05 pm

    I forgot I had this for a couple days. I haven't been doing any evil plotting so I don't have anything interesting to say. I went to the mall yesterday and made huge purchases. I got some socks, a candle, a CD, a book, and some jeans. I basically followed Tasha around while she searched for a dress to wear to some banquet crap. She bought the first one she looked at but not until she roamed the rest of the stores looking at things that "just weren't her". I hate shopping with her but I needed a crimson shirt to go with my red snakeskin sandals. I couldn't find one. I pigged out at The Great Wall to make up for it. I did some more shit to try and get me into school and today I rented Blow because I Johnny Depp is hot. That's about it.

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