Mental Insomnia
2001-09-20 20:28:22 (UTC)

I'm so sorry...

I haven't written in over 2 weeks and thats my fault. I've
been depressed over this whole terrorist thing. I had a
friend who worked in Tower 2 and lived in building 7.We
just found out that she's one of the dead bodies that they
found. It's hard when you find out something like that.
It's even harder when you didn't get to say goodbye. The
worst part is that Skye was staying with her the night
before. She decided last minute to take an earlier flight
and sleep at her hotel. She left NYC at 7 am. When she got
home, she finally called me. The night before had been the
last time she had called me. She called to say she was
going to spend the night at our friends condo and take a
later flight like aroun 11 am. I didn't know that she
changed her mind until she got home. It's been really hard
to deal with all of this. Mikey took off last week. Adam
hasn't heard from him. I figured Mikey is just pulling his
$*@!. Oh well. I need to go. I still have to work.