That's Youth
2001-09-20 20:20:45 (UTC)

Thirsty Thursday

Well today started out sucky! I woke up just as my first
class was starting, so i feel back asleep and woke back up
when my second class was starting, well i just got up and
got ready then, i went to meet the girls for lunch and then
headed off to pre calc, another horrible day in that
class. And finally I came back here and fell asleep untill
now, i wanted to talk to jarret, but he's not online.

Well tonight of course we r goin to sig tau to party around
9-9:30, all the girls are goin so it should be fun, me,
teresa, kelly, heidi, and katie, jen is goin somewhere
else. I finally get to see my d.j. again. The first time
we ever went to this frat, i though he was sooo cute, but i
never talked to him till last week, we danced together and
chatted for a little, but i forgot to ask him his damn
name, call me an idiot, so all week i have been waiting to
see him again, and now it's tonight, i feel like such an
ass saying this, but i have nothing to wear!!! this
situation wouldn't even be happening if jarret lived near
me! but he doesn't, so i have to find something to
entertain me till winter break. Everyone in my dorm knows
i can't wait to see the d.j., they all want me to tell them
how it went when i get home, hopefully i'll be getting home
pretty late though if things go my way (wink wink), but we
will see and i will be sure and tell u later how it went!!!