Life in the Making
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2001-09-20 20:16:13 (UTC)

To be Hugged

I want nothing more in this world then to just be held like a child in
their mothers arms. I want to feel as if I'm protected. I want to be
incaged, but I am not. I am out in the open, free from everything.
This is a new feeling for me. I hate it. I don't want to be free. I want
those arms enclosed around me. I want to feel their warmth, their
care. But I cannot. Those who I care for don't care for me back. At
least not in the way I want. No. I don't want sex. I just want to know
what someone out there is waiting to hold me. To just be held.....
I dunno. I have so much stress in my life. I just want someone to
care for me. My parents want me to leave and in the past, they've
never cared where I've gone, when I'll be back...... It's been that
way for almost a year now. They don't seem to care. My
Grandparents care, But they are so far away, along with my aunt.
My friends care.... But they can't hold me. I am alone in this world.