The void
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2003-02-04 21:54:24 (UTC)


well, the orthodontist said that my elsatic broke on my
bottom set of toothy pegs so i couldn't get my brace off.
only another 3 weeks though. still dissapointed :(
i saw anna today. she looked rough!joe said it was because
she took too much valium last night.i shrug my shoulders
and continue to fancy the ass off of her. i got the bus
with emily the other day, i barely know her, but she's got
the most beautiful eyes big blue eyes, what a bitch, i want
nice eyes!she's a nice girl.pretty ;)
haven't really seen much of tom lately, oh well it's more
than crystal clear that he wouldn't be interested in me,
lets face it, no ones interested in me! jesus christ why do
i let valentines day bother me?!aarrrggghhhh.
everyone was talking about that mj documentary last night!
i personally don't think he's capable of phedophillia, i
just think the fame has got to his head and fucked him up
big time.he's obsessed with being a chid because he never
had a childhood as he was already a performer by the age of
8.sad sad man.
richard had HARIBO STARMIX in sociology! what a star!mmmmmm
Mark (philosophy lecturer) said he'd yellow slip me if i
didn't hand in the two essays i owe him.(that are two
months old) ooohh noooooo not the dreaded yellow slip
noooooooo! can u feel my sarcasm? i told him to chill out
and have a crisp.
steff rang me. going to her house at lunch tomorrow for a
brew and a chat.something to do i guess.
she said something to me that got me thinking (it takes
alot to get me to think) she asked me why i don't get back
with dave, and the truth is, i would but the only thing
stopping me is the distance. i can't cope with long
distance shit anymore. it's horrible.
guess i'll have to stay single.get drunk, have my fun but
as always nothing becomes of it.guess i'm just too
tall,lanky and ugly.
ooohh seeing that self pity?not nice.i'm pathetic
sometimes, do ignore me.
might go to CD world and see if they've got any machine
head for a tenner.might as well try.might have a butchers
in the bookstore too,need a new book, almost finished terry
pratchetts truckers.funny book, really good. lalala foo
fighters woohoo. ooooh, computer....slowing...down...oh
there we go.anyway, going to stop rambling and piss off now.

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