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2001-09-20 19:47:42 (UTC)

My Uncle John

Well, this is my first entry in this new diary. To quickly
sum everything up my father was rushed to emergency surgery
on June 14th. My 2 sisters and my mom and I rushed to the
hospital. The staff were all very nice and told us that he
was already in surgery. So we didn't get to seem him. Well
the hours slowly passed. 3 hours, then 4, 5, 6. In the 7th
hour the doctors couldn't keep up with the tissue rips in
his heart and aorta. They couldn't fix him. They came and
told us sorry.
The point of this is that I haven't spoken to my father in
about 7-8 years and the last time I saw him was about 11
years ago. He came to my moms for a B-B-Q and he told me
that I was cooking it wrong. My whole life I've been wrong.
Well now he's dead. Over the last year my sister has been
trying to get us together, but we were both to stubborn to
make the first move. Well, I'm kicking myself now. Oh
there's lots more history, really bad history, but no
sexual stuff. Just fights and dissagreements.
What I wouldn't give to be able to phone him and just say
Well his brother, my Uncle John, was my father's best
friend. John went to dad's place every single day. This has
brought my uncle and me closer together. I call him on the
phone and I send him postcards when I'm out of town. He's
on a trip to Sask. and today I received a card in the mail.
It really made me cry. It said thinking of you. It said
that 'My whole world is much more beautiful because of
you.' I'm really kicking myself for the years that were
lost because of what seems like such stupid little things.
I should have let the past stay in the past, but NO. I
dwelled on it on dwelled on it. Now my father is dead and
he doesn't even know that I love him.
I am glad that I still have my Uncle John, my father's
brother, because I can talk and in a way get to know my
father. My father was only 65. My uncle John is 71. I'm 35.