random scribbles
2003-02-04 21:03:02 (UTC)

you keep us going on you keep us fighting long after the fire

[music - further seems forever - mood - confused]

you know how earlier i said i was no longer obsessed with a
certain individual?? well... i by total accident spoke to
him earlier... i was on the phone to someone else he
grabbed it... i don't know what it is that i like about him
so much.
he says just the right stuff at the right time which i
guess goes a long way to explaining it, but his actions are
all wrong - which is way more important.
and right now, i have the loveliest guy in my life, one of
the nicest people i have ever had the luck to know, so why
am i way more attracted to one of the nastiest people i
have ever had the misfortune to know..??? hmm