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2001-09-20 19:18:05 (UTC)

Sigh of Relief

She's cancer free! Yes, folks, that's right--breast
tissue is completely normal!!! I can live in peace now,
and life has gotten more beautiful. Mother is okay, whew.
I'm so happy I can't stop smiling. I can't wait to tell L
and S. Those two are the only ones that knew about this.
Oh, Mom, you're safe! For this year, anyway. Mom told
Aunt Sue just now about it; she's calling Gram now. That's
one less thing for them to worry about-especially Gram.

I forgot to thank the most important personage
responsible for this: God. Thank You.

I have to go brush my teeth now, because I have to be
at work at four. Au revoir and until later I still remain
the smiling


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