lillian jeanne
2003-02-04 20:41:38 (UTC)

sammy bear

Dearest Lillian Jeanne,
i fear my poor samantha is in trouble... she's really
worrying me which she seems to relish in... her away
message last night eluded to the idea of commiting
suicide - something about someone schedule the Burd to
sing her funeral cuase its goign to happen soon - im going
ot talk to janine bout her tonite hopefully.. its not
healthy anymore and definatley not fair to me and chris
and bailey to have to put up with her moping and crying
and not talking, eating or sleeping - of course she doesnt
do any of these things because the beloved jen bull doesnt
either but jen bull doesnt seem to be sticking by her too
tightly tired of all this stress.. i feel like
my nose is running off my face and i cant catch it! my
head hurts, my sinus' hurt and my whole body is going to
hurt cuase i went back to crew lifting htis morning -
hellish workout - bergin aka. HITLER...i miss home, i
thought id never say it but i do. ralph is coming to
visit, he had rehab today and his knee is really bothering
him. its gorgeous out again! started out with raining but
now its a beautiful 45 and blue skys! oh i hope my sammy
bear is ok... i really miss my old friend and wish she
would come back, dear lord, please watch over her and dont
let her do anything stupid! more later...
Love Grace