devils memoirs
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2003-02-04 20:34:37 (UTC)

flowers (peom)

flowers bloom
flowers grow
flowers die
why is this so?

can we see the truth
of life and its meaning
while innocent men
take a merciless beating
this faith is garbage
this belief is fleeting
away from me
away from you and me

can we see the flowers
under the rocks
can we see the beauty
of trees and livestock
we dont notice this shit
in our industrialized world
i just wish that faith in general
will be unfurled
and if i see whats happening
ill break down and cry
how the flowers they grow
and the flowers they die

we cannot see the blooms
we have to smother the life
we have to say no to nature
why is it such a strife
to realize that we
have much in common with
the birds
the flowers
and the trees
we have to see the other side
underneath you
underneath me

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