Watch me lose it...
2003-02-04 20:26:05 (UTC)


Listening to : N/A

Fucking jesus Give me an excuse, give me something to not
see this through
Give me my head to put this fucking .44 to
Its ugly and I'm boring and I'm sick and I'm tired
Fucking losing my grip, sick of not getting admired
Everything that I say, comes out the wrong way
People dont hear what i said and then come what may
Its what they think, not what i said
So I'm taking some time to sort out my head
To write this shit, before it comes, blurting out
Makes want to run in the street, fucking curse, scream and
I' feel edgy and used, pushed and abused
Tired and worthless and about to lose all
The will to live, the will to carry on
The will to go on, acting like I'm oh so fucking strong
While writing these stupid fucking rhymes
Making a song. Jesus, half the time I'm simply gone
Into my head, its safer in there, I got a TV and a bed, a
nice leather chair
And no one comes in without a fucking bullet in the face
Cos its my fucking head...its my own fucking space
But out there it seems I cant go by in one day
Without someone crossing my path..some shit getting in my
And without me having to fucking watch what i say,
everything single second
for the mistakes that I make
and I make, way too much to try to just fake it, or push it
all off like my car in the lake

I'm losing it now, I'm not clever or proud..I need some
time alone to get my feet on the ground
I got Richie with his "all rappers are shit" well hang on a
bit..arent you the guy who took to Vanilla ice just a bit?
And all his big hits? Or was that Gary? Shit This is
it..the problem I face..the people I work with treating me
like a fucking retarded case..But check this out

"blah fucking blach blah mwahmwmwhaha blah..mutherfucker
get your hair cut, fucking blue case, fucking crap car,
fucking ugly face...fucking give you a pay rise.." I'll
SMASH YOUR FUCKING FACE and wont stop till I see guts
getting coughed mutherfuckers gotta see your gonna
get roughed up...pushing me faster and faster, wondering
why I'm falling faster and faster...wonder why I'm angry at
your laughter.."its just laughter"...well FUCK that it gets
to hear my laughter (gunshot)...thats my fucking
laughter...I'll sellotape your fucking mouth shut and your
bitches for starters let me see which one I then
me...perhaps I'll hang you by your fucking dick from a
tree all the people can see..just what you mean to
me...fucking faggots gotta understand my angers set
free..I'm not mr friendly when you push me this far...let
down your tyres...BLOW UP YOUR CAR...(boom)

So just give me a fucking reason, just to carry on...those
sleeping pills are calling and
this time the will aint so strong for me to go on...getting
treating like this shit
Being pushed around , get called names, by that
motherfucking bitch, who sits in the corner
Your husbands a permenant mourner at his own
funeral...whens he not even dead yet you sad
bitch, grow up, let go, hes 18 years older!
And fuck River...and fuck Julie,...Fuck Amanda and fuck
them all. I dont need no bitches to
make me be taller I just let bitches make me fall. So fuck
And I'm gonna toss it my dick when I'm fucking
bored, till its going soft
Cos tommorrow I'll take them all on again and again, and
act like its not alot
So you dont
Wanna mess with berto
Cos Berto
Will fucking kill you.

Writing time 25 minutes

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