The First 9 Months of Our Lives
2001-09-20 18:37:32 (UTC)

102 dollars?!?!?

Good afternoon!

My wonderful sweet husband works as a Prep Cook/Trainer at
a restaurant...and he spent all last night 11:00pm to
6:00am doing all the prep work during closed hours so that
he could go to my Dr. Appt this morning at 9:00am. And it
was such a horrible appointment!

We went in and had to wait forever and once we were in I
realized that I was seeing student doctors instead of real
doctors...which really doesn't bother me at all because--
they are sooo much more in toon with how you feel--and
being nice is important to them still. They were really
wonderful! BUT...I found out my Appt. was scheduled to be
a E.R. followup appointment. So they just asked how I was
doing, basically, and sent me on my way.

As we were leaving we had to make our stop at the check out
section and she said that we had to pay $102.00!!!! My
eyes teared up....I felt so cheated! They just asked me
how I was doing! No lab
nothing....Just talk--for $102.00 that we don't have! So,
I tearfully wrote a check for part of the amount and as
soon as I was out of that office...I just busted out
crying. I just felt sooo CHEATED! It just wasn't
fair....They didn't just earn $102.00 of our hard earned
money! I kept wanting to turn around and dispute the

But...well, that is just our society---I'll get over it.
It's only money--right? hehehe...tell that to the bill
collectors! Ahh..well, "It'll be ok...Everything will work
out" says my hubby....

I haven't written much in a long time because....well, the
Attack on America just left me speechless....I didn't have
anything to contribute--I'm just stunned. And...I'm pretty
much still stunned....I keep thinking about stuff
like....those mother/fatherless children.....the
the same time the unity it has brought....How it's crazy
that we are freaking out that these people died....but that
many people die everyday! Countries go through this stuff
all the time---and we're acting like it's hell on earth and
it happens all the time in other places.....I think about
all the people rushing to churches....I'm hopeing when the
smoke clears they won't forget about the promises they make
to many thoughts.....

I want to say thanks to all of you who continue to send
feedback--I don't know why it is such a wonderful thing--
even when it's negative feedback....but thank

I'll write to you soon