sharing my thoughts with the world
2001-09-20 18:37:05 (UTC)

day 1

well here i am, never thought i'd share my thoughts with
the world but i guess some people will want to hear what i
have to say, my life is nothing special though...

anyway i'm just an ordinary girl from FL, been here 7
months. originally from NJ. i hate my job, it's boring...
what really bugs me is that there are too many people doing
the same type of work (as I am) so sometimes I run out of
work to do then i have to pretend to be busy so i don't
have to do something even more boring! i hate just sitting
in front of a computer all day, typing away... and there's
no windows in here so i can't look outside or get fresh
air! anyway i have to find a better job but w/o a college
degree it's next to impossible... i have to go back to
school but I don't want to... i wish i had gone right out
of high school then i'd be done by now. the thought of
spending 4 years in school and being 27 or 28 when i get
out is just awful.

well i guess that's it for today, tomorrow i'll get started
on my messed-up love life.