Squeeb's world
2003-02-04 19:21:13 (UTC)

January 25, 2003

Remember that date. That is the day my baby first set
skate on ice in his first regular season NHL game. LA
Kings vs. New jersey Devils and he played regularly too.
almost 15 minutes of ice time. I almost (ok ok I DID)
squeal. It was so exciting. He played 4 games before being
sent back down to the AHL for the allstar break. But not
before I got to see a game on tv. Yep, against my
favourite team in the league. How ironic is that. I had to
cheer against my team in honour of my baby but would I
have it any other way? I think not. And during the game
they talked about him and said how good it was to see him
back because he was a natural goal scorer and how he was
down and out and no one believed he would ever play hockey
again. Yes very few people believed. I can't say that is
the truth for me. I never once stopped believing in him
because something deep down inside my heart knew he could
do this. And I always told him that. Talent like that just
doesn't go away. And he wanted this bad. It's so good to
see him finally getting to do what he wants and I am so
proud of him. I will always be proud of him. Like today
when I opened the Hockey news and saw that he had made
the "Plus" column- that was awesome. Tears of joy I tell

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