Twin Adventures
2003-02-04 18:48:05 (UTC)

Rainy Days

Hmm... 1 hour of sleep isn't really conducive to a three
hour long class on livingston, am i right? Well we went
anyway and as soon as the weakest link lady walked in we
knew if wasn't gonna be an easy class to stay awake in yet
again. Soo we start off with carpal arguing with the
class about health care insurance and medicaid and
proclaiming her staus as emt... and then you have her lil
friend chiming in also and she didn't stop...every 5
minutes she was arguing something else... AHH lemme tell
ya at that point lyndz, jac, and clarissa were ready to
pull their hair out! All in all the class was sooo god
damn boring that we'd rather stick pins in our eyes than
sit through it again. Then we go outside and its sooo
gross outside, cold and rainy, and jac n lyndz didn't wear
winter jackets and their umbrellas are in jacs car at
sears. So they wait like 25 minutes and by the time the
GG gets there they are soaked. Finally back in Lippincott
207 but lyndz has class till 4:10 and jac has class till
7:30... can't wait to go to EXPOS!!! So that was the
lovely rainy gross day so far

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