FallnAngel's Journal
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2003-02-04 18:39:17 (UTC)

life goes on...

last night i came to an important discovery. i am not the
weak girl that i use to be. when me and patrick broke up i
first thought i would not find anyone else. then when me
and richy broke up (well i am assuming we are broken up) i
realized that life goes on and i just havent found the
right guy yet. some people say i will never find that one
person cause no one can love me. well i know that i am
gonna find him and i know i am gonna be happy. but for now
i am just gonna have fun. and rabbit is gonna set me up
with damon. i cant wait to meet him. hes 25, has a real
job, has his own house, has a brand new dodge truck, and is
really sweet, he also wants to get married and have
kids...well thats what i want too so i am hoping that we
will hit it off and maybe something will come of it all.
but before i even meet him...maybe something will happen
with ryan ;)haha, he likes me and hes SOOOOO hot!!! haha i
am talking about these guys and i havent even talked to
richy yet about us being broken up. but from the things i
hear, i really want to not be with him. oh well time to go
home...have a nice day!