Girlz, boyz, bombs, and glitter dust
2001-09-20 18:16:38 (UTC)

backtrack a few days


yesterday it hit me. all this terrorist/world trade
center/airplane crash shit kicked in...

and i cried. i BAWLED. i whimpered and hid my face
screamed and...ohhhhh....i couldn't breathe. i don't

how five days ago i was all prettied up and ready to head
off to another exciting day of college. five days ago was
tuesday. and 20,000 people got up and got ready for work,
kissed their spouses, hugged their children. a man called
his wife from the airport

honey, i'll be home in an hour. i love you

30 minutes later she's watching a plane colliding with a

i hope that's not his plane. no, it couldn't be

but wait--in that building it's someone's birthday.

happy birthday!!!

a man looks up from his morning coffee to see the nose of a

what the--

and all worries of deadlines and bills are dust before you
can say osaman bin ladan.

i have seen a man jump 100 stories from hell just to escape
the terror of it and all that separated us was a few
hundred miles and a video camera. i have looked into the
haunted eyes of an er nurse that kissed her fiance goodbye
for work one week before their wedding day only to see the
dust of his ruined sky-rise caked upon the mangled bodies
of his coworkers.

never knowing what exactly happened...never knowing where
exactly he went

i've watched the throngs of people lining the streets with
red, sleep-weary eyes waving pictures of their loved ones

have you seen my daughter? she's smart and resourceful, i
know she's alive around here somewhere...have you seen her?

have you?

in my nightmares

i don't understand.

i don't understand how a human being could get on a plane
with the express purpose of driving it into a building.
how you could train to be a pilot with the intent of
killing yourself

and taking 20,000 innocent, oblivious people with you.

i don't understand how a person could do this

i don't understand:

i don’t understand;
and i can hardly take it