Girlz, boyz, bombs, and glitter dust
2001-09-20 18:14:07 (UTC)

writing keeps me sane

i should have known that www.opendiary.com would have
crashed with the onset of all this terrorist shit. it's
something we all need to get off our chests and OpenDiary
revolves around people's pointless and incessant rantings.

i love open diary. i love my purple and green page with
the off the wall entry titles and flowery font. i love my
html coding...my pics and links and neat graphics. i LOVE
IT. but i haven't been able to get on for a week. i
waited it out...wrote all my inspiration in notebooks or on
microsoft *cough* works, waiting to post it on my precious

no such luck.

but i found this place...and, well, i need to get some
things off my chest