Time Waster
2003-02-04 17:29:20 (UTC)

I did it again

AHHHH!!!I did it again! Bastards!!! I typed a message and
pressed like control or something on accident when i was
trying to scroll down and it erased!EEERRRRR!

Fine! i'll type it again! SOOOO....Warning to everyone who
knows sharki- don't click on the link in his subprofile
that says "this is fun. my results cracked me up" Yeah
cause the results go directly to him! ...and the results
can be pretty incriminating because it's like a sex test
of some sort...Yes i took it...but really it didn't damage
me too much because i've got nothing really to admit about
that- we all know i'm a two bit whore...j/k...it only
indicated how uncorrupt i am, which i dont' think is a bad
thing and i get made fun of all the time for that so it's
common knowledge.

I went to Ralph's and stocked up on food!!! Yay! Now i can
really avoid the dining places...not that there's anything
wrong with them...damn,is it bad to kinda insult the
dining places if your the dining and housing rep for
Marshall? is that kosher?...Anyways i'm damn tired of the
food, and i think alot of people can relate and the years
only half over- so i'm thinking by third quarter i'm gonna
have a built in pantry, refridgerator and microwave in my
room- oh yeah and a oven in one of my desk drawers or
maybe in my closet- so if u smell choc chip cookies it's
prolly coming from my room!

I have to dress like a dependent depressive pill popper
and an all around skank and a half today so if you see me
and i look like i've been hit in the eyes with charcoal,
and my face is all white..yeah that's the look i'm going
for- it's for my acting class just so yeah know- Anyways
kids i'm off, i'll try to update this more and be a good
little journal writer - Ciao!