lustful nightmares
2001-09-20 17:42:44 (UTC)



i'm so excited. and happy i haven't been this happy in
weeks. this morning i finally got my ticket(s) to go see
tool tonight. AHHHH!!! i'm so excited. i got an extra one
for the price i was willing to pay for one. i'm
going to sell it for a good price and go out saturday and
buy a ticket for the pledge of alegence tour.....ahhhh!!!
good things are starting to happen. just hope it
this morning @ 8 am i called the guy that i was getting the
ticket from cause he never called last night. got me
worried. so after i got done talking to him i rushed around
the house to get dressed and went to get my ticket....eekk.
it took me about two hours to find him. the maine
highway/turnpike is so god damn confusing. if any of you
who read this come to maine make sure you have a map!!!
some exits can only be found if you take another exit. i'll
have to remind myself when i have the money to go buy a
have to go get dressed.

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