Sarah's Journal
2001-09-20 17:42:36 (UTC)

didn't finish that last one . . .

grrrrr . . . I hit the wrong buttong on that last
entry . . .
Anyhow, like I was saying, I'm bored. I think I'm gonna
grab Missy tonight and do a study session for our math test
that's tomorrow. And go kickboxing. Finally. I WILL get
sexy and in shape!!!!!!! So, I wish I had contacts because
my glasses keep sliding down my nose and that's annoying.
On a better note, I had a really good conversation with my
roommate Jenn. We usually have really good conversations.
Last night's kinda put us out of an extra hour of sleep and
left me exhausted today, but sometimes a good conversation
is worth it.
I get to go home this weekend. Someone remind me to get
a) my coats
b) the green education book, and
c) groceries
I'm excited to go to Windsor!!!! I hope I win money!!!! I
think that I get paid today, or tomorrow at least . . .
around $50, but that's from my first week only when I work
just 10.5 hours. My next check should be prettier.
We ned someplace on campus to make edible food. I ate what
appeared to be a chicken sandwich and some greasy fat
sticks (otherwise known as french fries) . . . I could like
sense the fat calories dripping through my system, though,
so I only ate a very few of those.
I love my history teacher. She is so wonderful. She gives
us so much help and her lessons are enjoyable. . . finally,
a college teacher who can actually TEACH . . .
I think I'm going ot have my mom take my sister and I to
Panera's tomorrow night when we get back home. I love that
place!! I am so hungry anymore . . . i need to get some
real food at tops this weekend so that I can cook for
myself instead of having to eat the crap on campus.
I'm cold again . . . big surprise. The one day I don't
wear a sweater this week, cuz every other day I have and
every other day it's been like 80 degrees . . .
I should probably go soon . . . let me think of what I have
to do after I get out of here:
2-3:15: Class (rock and roll)
3:30-4:45: nap?? possibly. If not, I think I'll read some
of Shoeless Joe
5:10-6:25: Class (music history and literature)
6:40-7:10: dinner? I guess . . .
7:20-7:50: Study for Math for Early Teachers test with Missy
8:00-9:00: kickboxing
9:00-9:30: shower
9:30-10:00: study some more
10-??: chill out and watch a movie? probably
??: sleep!!!!!!!!

Hey - I think I'm actually organized today!!!! go me!!!!

Gotta go be studious and/or productive now . . . blah . . .