Dirty Magic
2001-02-21 08:36:41 (UTC)

BROKEN Her stringy brown hair..


Her stringy brown hair
Hangs in her eyes
Hiding her tears
Mascara runs
Down her pale cheeks
Silent sobs
Find their way out of her throat
She needs something
To take her away from this sad existence
The bottle of sleeping pills on her nightstand
Is empty
She hits it in frustration
It flies across the room and hits the wall
There is nothing
Nothing in this world
Can heal her
No one knows
The excruciating pain she goes through
Every morning when she wakes up
When she sees herself in the mirror
Pale, tired, sick, hollow
In a way
She is already dead
For she does not live
There is no life in her
And there never will be again
She is broken
Beyond repair