Sarah's Journal
2001-09-20 17:23:22 (UTC)

my survey

So, I filled out a survey last night. I figured I'd put it
in here:

1. Full Name: Sarah
1b.What does your name mean? **Princess** =)
2. Nicknames: I don't have one
3. Nationality: Slovenian, Hungarian, Russian, and a whole
bunch of
other stuff
4. Girlfriend or Boyfriend: nope
5. Who do you have a crush on: there's a couple
prospects . . . one
I'm waiting on a phone call from, one I think has a gf as
of yesterday,
1 lives too far away =,(
6. Birthdate: 9-7-82
7. Screen Name(s): urmystar456 (dorm/home), musicotb (work)
8. Where You Live: not gonna put that on here cuz it's
9. Where you want to live: North Carolina, Virginia . . .
pretty with a good sense of community
10. Where you were born: not including
11. Beeper Code: I don't have one
12. Favorite Salad Dressing: Italian
13. Have You Ever Gone Skinny Dippin: Nope
14. Have Any Piercings: Ears, bellybutton
15. Have Any Tatoos: yup - A dolphin jumping through the
sunset - it's
small and pretty
16. Favorite Movie: WAAAAYYYY too many . . . it goes from
Hook to
Labyrinth to Ferris Bueller to Rain Man to When Harry Met
Sally to Joe
versus the Volcano . . . there's a ton more too

17. Favorite Book: Congo by Michael Crichton? Or the
Green Mile by
Stephen King
19. Favorite Car: I dunno . . . a midnight blue eclipse
convertible, or some kind of non-huge SUV
20. Type Of Car You Have now: hahahahahahaha
21. Favorite Saying: don't have one
22. Favorite Fast Food: Wendy's
23. Favorite Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip
24. Favorite Soda: I'm not really into pop . . . I like
milk and
25. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: see above
26. When Do You Go To Sleep? when I get around to it
27. When Do You Wake Up: a couple times after I hit
snooze it varies
28. Favorite Sport: to watch? baseball I suck at sports
though . .
. I'm not too bad at ping-pong ;-) Ask Nick!!!
29. Most Embarrassing Moment: ummm, I don't know
30. Loudest Person You Know: Thomas James . .. I love you

31. Craziest Person You Know: I dunno - Joe maybe
32. Favorite Holiday: Christmas
33. Favorite Food: chicken, crab legs, shrimp cocktail
34. Favorite Song: "I don't know much (but I know I love
you)" _Aaron
Neville and some chick
35. Favorite Television Show(s): Rugrats, Friends, a bunch
more stuff
on Nickelodeon and Disney (I am such a kid)
36. Favorite Radio Station: I dunno . . . if I'm in the
mood for it
101.1, 96.5, or 95.9, but you can only tolerate the same
damn songs so
many times
37. Favorite Vacation Spot: Maggie Valley North Carolina
38. Favorite Candy: pink & purple nerds
39. Favorite color: yellow, blue, and green
40. Favorite Sneakers: my worn-in adidas


1. School: YSU
2. How Many Kids You Want: 2 or 3
3. What Kind Of Job You Want: Elementary-level special ed
teacher . .
. work with children with autism or SED's


1. Been In Jail: no
2. Done Drugs: no
3. Ran Away From Home: when I was like 5 I walked around
the block
with my little red suitcase
4. Hit A Girl? no
5. Lied: who hasn't? but not much
6. Stolen anything: nope

7. Broken A Bone: yes, a tiny one in my finger
8. Cheated On A Test: no!
9. Cheated On A Boy/Girlfriend: ummmmm . . . maybe =(
10. Gotten Drunk: yes
11. Been With Two girls/guys at once: no
13. Let a friend cry on your shoulder? yes
14. Fell asleep in the shower/bath/: no
15. Gone to Church? yes
16. Been on a motorcycle or motorbike: no
17. Never slept during a night? yes
18. Been to a camp? yes
19. Sat in a restaurant w/o ordering anything? no
20. Seen someone die? no
21. Driven a car? yes
22. Didn't wash your hair for a week? Thats gross

23. Broken something valuable? probably
24. Thought you were in love: knew? yes
25. Gone out with a guy/girl you knew for 3 days? no
27. Said I love you and meant it? yes
28. Been hurt by a guy/girl you loved? yes
29. Stayed up till 4 am on the phone? Yes


1. Coke Or Pepsi: Coke
2. Cats Or Dogs: Both
3. One Pillow Or Two: 4????....
4. Deaf Or Blind: neither
5. Pools Or Hot Tubs: Hot Tubs - i hate cold water
6. Television Or Radio: TV
7. Cds Or Tapes: cd's
8. Boxers or briefs (for guys): boxers
9: Apples or oranges: both
10: Gap or Old Navy: Old Navy


1. Took a shower: last night
2. Cried: a while ago
3. Got In A Fight: last friday
4. Watched a Disney movie: at my house this summer i'm
5. Given/gotten a hug: probably like 2 hours ago
6. Been to the movies: Been awhile


1. Your Fondest Memory Of This Year: Camp Sue!
2. Your Most Prized Possession:
3. The Thing That Makes You The
Happiest: being with my friends
4. Your Favorite Food For Breakfast: cini-mini's
5. Your Favorite Food For Dinner: i thought I said that
6. Your Favorite Slow Song: I said that before too


1. Makes You Laugh The Most: Nick and Missy . . . even
when I try not to..... oh, and Adam's website ;-)
2. Do You Hate: no one except the damn people who are
being mean to
nice people around the world
3. Knows The Most About You: Nick and TJ
4. Has It Easier, Guys Or Girls: I think we both have ups
and downs
5. Is your best friend: Missy, Nick, TJ
6. Is your opposite sex best friend: Nick & TJ

7. Who Do you go to for advice: Missy & Nick


1. Do You Ever Save AOL Conversations: yes, but not
2. Do You Save Emails: yes
3. Do You Save Pictures People Send You: yes
4. How Many People On Your Buddy list? a lot
5. When Are You Usually Online: all the time
6. Do You Like Motorcycles: no
7. What Kind Of Clothes You Like? Comfy ones
8. Are You Close Minded: no
9. Are You Open Minded: yes
10. Are You A Player: not usually . . . I don't think so


1. Love At First Sight: maybe
2. U.F.O's: I believe that anything's possible
3. Horoscopes: I think they're fun to read
4. Ghosts: yes