Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-04 13:53:13 (UTC)

more churned out ramble

I feel crappy. I hate my stomach. Well my now what seems
poor excuse for a stomach. I think there must be a tiny
nasty in there that lays dorment for so long and then
around certain times pops up its ugly head and does nasties
to me. And sometimes it is nerves. Sometimes it's things I
eat. It's actually been pretty good. Then the last few
weeks its been acting up. Whatever it is, it gives me the
shits literally. It never used to be like this. And now I
sound all waahhhhhh blah wahhhhh, but yeah, I never ever
used to have stomach troubles. So what a bloody fucker it
sometimes can be

Today I actually felt pretty bloody good. I was expecting
to pull up really sore after squash. But there's always
tomorrow...Second day is always the have a
slightly sore arm, bugger poops. I speak too soon. It
prolly means I will be totally sore tomorrow. Ahh ze well.

Okies, I am now 100% sureeee the kids next door get no
attention whatsoever. The boy has a warped mind. Quite
interesting to say the least and I did have a little laugh
to myself as I watched him running about my back yard. Yes,
him and the little girl Jessica came to the front door
tonight after their tennis ball. Back every 5mins to
say "Ooops I'm a silly sausage, hit it over here again."
And I was "Ok, well just don't hit it near my car or I wont
be too happy." By the 5th trip to my front door I ended up
going outside to help them get the ball out of a tree,
which it wasn't even up there. So then he was. "I think
there is one in the backyard." So instead of letting them
run around their by themselves I went to keep check. And I
did get to find out why they raked up our mowed grass. "So
that when we come over to play there is more space to play
in, but the cats seem to have moved it all back." Well ok I
guess that is kid logic. And I told them they should go to
the footy oval if they want to play and not our backyard.
Much more space and no windows. The way these kids hit the
ball around I'm waiting for a window to go. Then he starts
sniffing the air. Running around and sniffing, so I had to
ask and that's when I had to laugh, because he responded
with. "I can smell my tennis ball. I know there is one out
the back here. I could smell one at the front. *runs around
more*. Yes there is one out here." Then he runs under some
bushes and spots a dead bird. "Oh it wasn't my tennis ball
it was a dead bird." And I said I hoped his tennis ball
didn't smell like a dead bird and he laughed and said no.
So I really think it is coming to a clinch where I will
have to speak to the folks. Will be weird. They have never
bothered to speak to us before and it would have to be a
time when the kids weren't there. And I know I keep saying
I should maybe speak to the folks. But I was hoping I
wouldn't have to after all this time establish that
contact, cause if they did indeed get on good terms it
might mean the kids might spend MORE time over here. And I
really want to lessen the time over here not increase it.
Ahhh see what happens...

My folks are no longer getting Mat the RACV membership,
because it's gonna cost too much. Cause the silly boy did
have it once and let it lapse. So there is an extra $35 or
so re-joining fee on top. So they aren't gonna do that now.
But they aren't getting him a DVD instead
shit...But I'm ringing RACV myself if we ever get stuck in
a car park and I'm certainly not freakin gonna do any of
that push start crap either. It's RACV or it's I get a taxi
home and you deal with I have to take my
mobile phone more often..Buggers. I can just imagine having
a bloody scrapple trying to get his phone off him, because
he wont call. But that shit isn't happening again, because
I said so.

Anyway I have filled this place up enough to last a week.
Least my tummy feels better. Yayyyyy!!!! Time for bed or
for a quick read. I'm still in book phase. It beats boring
online phase a lot.

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