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2003-02-04 12:57:33 (UTC)

Cursing Gloria Steinham

I'm going to put a curse on Gloria Steinham. I'm going to
light a big black candle right over her picture and I'm
going to let the hot wax drip on her face. She deserves
it. Maybe she thought she was leading women to freedom,
but she has just forced us into male roles. Nothing wrong
with that except for one tiny problem. Men won't except
any of the traditional women roles, hence, most women do it
all. Ok, I may be generalizing a bit, but let's just say
this, almost all women I know are both hunter and gatherer
and that's just wrong.

She wanted women to have choices, but I don't know many
women who feel they have any choice at all. I'm sure she
has plenty of choices though. "Hmmm, should I work out this
morning or fly to Madrid?" Maybe one of her choices should
be to change that stupid 1960's hairstyle of hers and try
something more age appropriate.

Thanks to Gloria I haven't seen a soap opera in years, or
the sun for that matter.

Well, no time to chat now. Off to hunt the beast, and
maybe on the way, I can pick up some berries, after I drop
the kids off at the day care cave.

I bet Gloria is getting her nails done.

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