my so called life
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2001-09-20 16:32:56 (UTC)

The perfect songs

This is truly the perfect song.. I wish I wrote it.. I wish
I could sing it.. sing it so people felt the pain. The
fear. “It fits perfectly into this empty space in my
heart”. Read the lyrics
Singing for the lonely
You’re not the only one who feels this
So scared of what we’re doing
All the time

Here comes wasted head-space
Anger, misplaced feelings
Leave me nowhere
All the time

I don’t wake up early every morning
‘Cause the more I sleep, the less I have to say
Scared of you always thinking that I’m boring
Stop me yawning my life away

Tender young confusion
Send black Mariah for blue delusions
Lays heavy oh so heavy
On my mind

I’m so sick of people’s expectations
Leaves me tired all the time
If you’re home’s full of useless aggravation
Then don’t bring it to mine

I seem to spend my life
Just waiting for the chorus
‘Cause the verse is never nearly
Good enough

The hooligan half of me
That steals from Woolworths
While the other lives for love

I’m so sick of people’s expectations
Leaves me tired all the time
If you’re home’s full of useless aggravation
Then don’t bring it to mine

Singing for the lonely
We’re not the only ones who feel this
So scared of what I’m doing
All the time

Singing for the Lonely
We’re not the only ones who feel this
Scared of what we’re doing
All the time

Written by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers. It must be
weird being Guy Chambers. He has like participated in the
writing of every song on Robbie’s latest album, he has
produced it, and he plays some of the instruments too.
Robbie is like SO famous, but if I ran into Guy Chambers at
the mall, I wouldn’t have known it was him. Good thing
Robbie has dedicated “sing when you’re winning” to
him. “who is as much Robbie as I am”.
I dunno why I like Robbie so much. Yeah, I love his songs,
but I love a lot of song. Like, the Dave Matthews Band
songs.. I love them, but I don’t love the group.. I love
their music. There’s a difference. It’s something about
his boyish charm that really does it for me. I like to
think that I’ve outgrown this idolizing of famous persons
( I used to “LOVE” Jared Leto and I, as every other girl in
this world, adored Leo). But there’s something special
about Robbie. His music, his humour, the way he’s kind of
bad.. LOL
At his concert at Roskilde this summer I was like in
another world. Being so close to him was so bizarre. He was
like ten meters in front of me, singing all the songs I’ve
been listening to over and over again for years now.
Singing them live. When he was in the middle
of “Betterman” he was like “I’m doing all I can for
Roskilde”. That was so cool. And when I was watching the
Manchester show on telly and he sang “I’m doing all I can
for Manchester” I was like OOOH, I WANNA GO BACK TO
He’s like my inner fantasy. Lucy likes Trent (from NiN) so
much, and she like, wants to be with him and stuff. I just
adore Robbie, it’s nothing like a crush or anything. Just
gotta get things straight, I’m not one of those groupies.
But Robbie IS damn sexyyyyy!
Oh, I miss Roskilde. Not just because of the Robbie
Williams concert, that was only a part of the experience
(ok, it was the climax). I miss the festival, the people,
the atmosphere.. and I really wish I could have
experienced the Tool concert over again. Then I’d tell Lucy
to shut up and enjoyed the music.. You see, she’s into the
old Tool songs, she hasn’t really heard the new ones. With
me it’s opposite. So she was kind of complaining during the
new songs. I didn’t mean that I should have told her to
shut the fuck up, I should have told her in a polite way
that I would like to listen to the music. Roskilde next
year will probably be even better, Tiff, Geri and Ben and
probably some other of our friends are going. Lucy and I
are kind of different, she just stands there during
concerts, I’d like to go a little crazy. I did at the
Robbie Williams concert (I had to!!) and she was just
standing behind me. That was weird. But the Tool concert
was amazing anyway.. I can’t believe how good they are..
When they played Sober I kind of reached another level.. lol

Yeah, turn down the lovesongs that you hear
‘Cause you can’t avoid the sentiment
That echoes in your ear
Saying love will stop the pain
Saying love will kill the fear
Do you believe?
You must believe.


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