Place To Vent
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2003-02-04 07:34:59 (UTC)

2/3 No Holdin Back

to ?:
thank u for being my best friend. i don't know what i would
do without u. we've had a few bad times but we've worked
through it. and we've had some of the best times together
too. i can't express how much u mean to me as a friend and
i'll always be here for u like u have been for me. ur
always there to listen to all my ranting and raving when
things don't go my way. we'll always have our duets! i love
you babay!

to ?:
i know somewhere inside of u, ur a sane person. but
sometimes...gosh u can get freakin annoying. we've also had
our share of bad times and good times. it's just to bad
that all this has to be goin on. i'm tryin to forget things
u said but it's hard right now. it gets so damn frustrating
with u and i dunno what'll happen. all i know is that this
is our last year and none of this should be goin on.

to ?:
i like you, u don't even know this. but u don't
even like me back. it's very obvious. i would've loved to
get to know u better and hang out with u more.
but now i'm realizing how worthless you are with my
time. the worst thing is - u don't even want me.

to ?:
i hate u...but u always seem to come into my mind in a good
way. i dunno exactly why. there's times when i desperately
want your friendship. i even wished that we could hang out
one night and just be cool and talk about anything. i
always thought u were a nice guy...i still think that
sometimes. especially when i remember those good times. it
would have been so different if u would have just given it
a chance.

to ?:
i know we barely get to talk nemore but i've shared the
best times with you and i'll never forget it. you've been
such a good friend...always there to listen or just go for
a ride during lunch. i'll always love you! muah!