Pylades yesterday reborn
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2001-09-20 14:02:39 (UTC)

Shadow of black and grey

The world is the shadow of black and grey, with spots of
green between.
Damn! I ruined my poem, where did that green come from?
Oh ,well...

Welcome, dear diary, to the first miserable day of your new
life. The world is as sane as a raving lunatic these days,
and as warm and caring as an iceberg. I'm tired of course,
I always am, I'm starved, which isn't that strange since I
haven't eaten yet, and I have something that feels like
seven mining dwarfs inside my head.

Today I woke up five o'clock and couldn't get unconsious
again before it was seven. Half an hour later I woke to
discover that I had my first class 8.10. After I had fallen
asleep in my geographyclass everything went surpricingly
well until lunch. The weather being rainy, I hurried
towards the dinner, only to discover that all the
vegetarian food was missing. Upon asking a dinnerlady I was
told that one of the students had put a dead rabbit in it,
so they had to trow it away. Joy!
What could I do? I don't eat meat, have no money and I
can't find anyone to borrow from, ergo I can't eat.

I think I'll just go home and sleep for a while. It isn't
fair really, more than half the people on this planet are
starving and here I am.

Live's a piece of shit!

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