Nobody Loves Your Beautiful Garbage
2003-02-04 05:30:44 (UTC)


now that i have fallen
its amazing how i feel alone, even with you there.
im amazed how much i love you, though i shouldn't dare.
those words that escape my lips..could make you run away.
god forbid if you let might want to stay

listen i dont know who hurt you. and i know we all fall.
but part of falling is getting up after all.
how long must i wait for you to realize. i dont go away or
vanish when you close your eyes.
god damn it listen to me.
listen to my voice.
open your eyes
look at me now.

i wont go away, neither will my sound. quit wishing me
away. stop saying your destined to be alone.
stop making me run into brick walls to ask for your love.
i just want one second of love. that would be enough. just
to hear it once.
just to feel it in your touch.

i did not hurt you. i did not hurt you. im not from your
past. quit making me pay...for those who did not last
for im the one who has fallen.