Cosmic Rain
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2003-02-04 05:04:48 (UTC)

hedge be gone

The people across the road have cut their hedge. And I must
say it looks, well rather ugly. I'm not up with hedge
cutting, so maybe it was something that had to be done. But
they've done it rather brutally and now I can see to their
front door. I think I liked it that you couldn't see in,
cause meant they couldn't really see out. Now instead of a
nice hedge view they can see into our front yard and our
mess...I'm sure the few guys that used to stop there and
piss and smoke at the hedge wont be happy either. It's not
like it's a back road or unused road. So to stand up to the
hedge and take a leak, well yeah. I wasn't too impressed
either that they started to hack at their hedge with a
chainsaw at 7.30 Saturday morn. It really isn't chainsaw
hacking time. That should come after 9am. I would be more
accepting of that.

I must be off me freakin trotter. I have an online calender
on my task bar. And I just needed to make sure I had added
my Dad's hospital appointment for the right day. It
highlights in a darker blue any day you have noted for any
special reason. Anyway, I just noticed Valentines Day is
highlighted, so thought the Calender must have it marked
anyway being a particular celebrated day. Anyway I just
double clicked on it to see and it says "Hug Mel Day" ??? I
don't even remember adding bloody me..

Now I need to finish off a dvd. The Animal. I've heard it's
pretty pox, but I have been wanting to see it for ages just
because it looks stupid. And I tried last night after
squash because I was quite awake and 15mins into it we lost
power. Bloody typical. I don't think anyone moves straight
after the power goes off. It's kinda like that ok, it's
dark now and hmmmmmm. Then it's well better find a torch
now, because the power doesn't seem to be coming back. And
I must say I know why I want to keep my mobile. That blue
light works wonders in the dark. Anyway lets go see if this
movie is meant to be watched or doomed not to be.

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