A day in the life....
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2003-02-04 04:42:58 (UTC)


This past weekend, beginning with Thrusday night, was quite say the least.
I got to get to know a few people a lot better. Marc, Ryan,
Lori, Nick, Jeff,'s been great and also
stressful. I decided to take a chance...i've begun to
witness to a couple of the people i've mentioned above.
Long, late night conversations...3:30am on Saturday night
and 1am with brian last night...goodness.
I had a full day of classes today, then i hung out with
Marc, Jeff, and Peter. then girl's Bible study at 7, then
swing. It's been great. I also met with Stacy at's gonna be great talking to her! I've learned so
much in just 2 times meeting with her. And Don comes back
next Tuesday! Yay! So i'm gonna be thinking a Lot. I gotta
go for now...tired. God bless y'all!