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2001-09-20 10:41:10 (UTC)

School, Afghanistan, and Life

6:30 A.M.

I haven't slept all night because I was working on some
stuff for school. I don't really have that much time to
type right now, I'm sort typing in between chewings of
French toast. ( i love french toast )

Last night, today, whatever you wanna call it, ( a few
hours ago basically) I read a very important letter about
this whole america under attack incident. I will make the
necessary changes and additions to the America under Attack
section on my site but for now if you'd like to see what
I'm referring to please visit www.neurobox.8m.com and click
on the "Holy War... " link. ( check out the rest of the
site too, they're a great band and the guy who did the site
is mad creative.. cough cough)

Life's coming together in a strange way, despite all
these images and vibes of destruction I see and feel around
me. One by one I am cutting out the things that are now
secondary but a few weeks ago were top of the list shit,
out of my life. As soon as I develop a rhythm as far as
school work and reading and get all my shit together I'll
be ready to start with music.

I'm renewing my promise to type in this every day, even
if it's boring as fuck.

Speaking of boring fucks, I wonder what sikko and
servos are up to, their diaries have also not been updated
in a while.. hmmm

As for todays ending...

fuck peace, love, all that other shit that wouldn't be
possible without:


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