Nobody Loves Your Beautiful Garbage
2003-02-04 04:17:51 (UTC)

Not Now

Not Now
i'm busy, as i shove you out of the way.
tommorrow wouldn't be better or any other day.
i can't talk to you.
don't call, i have no time for you,none at all.

are you tired of feeling alone, even when i'm around.
are you tired of waiting for me to pay attention and my life to calm

not now, i'm too busy to love you..i'm too busy to care..and much to
my surprise my life has come to a calm..
i sit all alone...knowing that you are gone.

now i want to talk to i want your touch.
now i really miss you...and love you so much.
now i'm all alone, and now no one cares. now i give up
everything, just to have you here.

not now...when my life has come so far...that i want to
remember the day you walked out.
you pushed me aside, with a tears in your eyes.
not now you said..i haven't got time. to wait for your love and bid
for your time.
not now will i sit...and watch life go by, feeling all
alone even with you by my side.
not now i won't wait for the calm, and when you figure out you can't
do it all alone,
i will be gone.

can you hear me calling...can you hear me scream...remembering those
damn words..that brought me to my knees.
now all my nights are spent all alone.
cursing and listening for the damn phone.
pacing the floor, pounding my fist.
red in the face and my life is still loveless.
all because i had no time...all because i did not care.
because i was obsessed by getting ahead, with or without you there.

well the hell with it all. the hell with the night. if i can't have
you..i'm saying goodnight.