dying of self-infatuation
2001-09-20 10:28:06 (UTC)

from the mail

1.What time is it: 3:59 am

2.Name as appears on your birth certicate: nicole angela

3.Nicknames: ni-coleslaw, nico, nicola, nikki (which
remarkably doesn't bother me as much as it used to), krazykat, kitty

4.Parents names: james and lisa

5.Number of candles on your birthday cake: 19

6.Date that you blow them out: june.18

7.Pets: mina, but she's in hawaii

8.Eye color: brown (fake green)

9.Hair color: brown, occasionally other random colors

10.Favorite color: yellow

11.Piercings: ears, eyebrow, tongue

12.Tattoos: two 7-pointed stars on my right leg

13.How much do you love your job: i'm unemployed, it sucks.

14.Birthplace: hawaii

15.Hometown: laie

16.Current Residence: salt lake city

17.Been in love before: nope

18.Been to Europe: i wish

19.Been toliet-papering: yeah

20.Been toliet-papered: not that i can recall, but don't
quote me on that.

21.Been in a car crash: no

22.Ever been given a traffic ticket: no

23.Croutons or Bacon Bits: croutons

24.2 door or 4 door: 4 door

25.Coffee or Ice Cream: ice cream

26.Blanket or Stuffed Animal: both

27.Favorite alcoholic beverage: tequila sunrise

28.Salad Dressing: ceasar

29 Color of socks: white, mostly

30.Lucky Number: none

31.Favorite Vacation Spot: new york city was nice.

32.Favorite Movies: franco zefferelli's romeo & juliet,
johns, benny & june, requiem for a dream, what's eating
gilbert grape, the cable guy, many many more.

33.Quote from a movie: quoting movies is dumb

34.Favorite Holiday: anything that'll get me out of work or
school (not like i have any of those now anyway)

35.Favorite Foods: ceasar salad, kix, mac & cheese, rice

36.Favorite Day of the Week: friday

37.Song of the Moment: john lennon "imagine"

38.Toothpaste: the one i stole from my grandma's house.
nuskin something or other.

39.Favorite TV show: simpsons, x-files, i don't really
watch much tv anymore.

40.Favorite Restraunt: olive garden

41.Flower: anything that smells good

42.Least Favorite Thing: stupid people

43.Sport to Watch: none

44.Fast Food: wendys, they have yummy potatos.

45.When was your last hospital visit: october 29, 1997 when
my niece indica was born, but i was a visitor, i haven't
been to the hospital as a patient lately.

46.Favorite Non Alcohoic Drink: water

47.What color is your bedroom carpet: beige

48:How many times did you fail your permit test: none

49.Can you drive a standard: no

50.Where do you see yourself in ten years:
hopefully not the same place i am now, with some sort of
meaningless degree and being happy.

51.Who was the last person that you got an email
from: betsy

52.Have you ever been convicted of a crime: yes, but i was
underage so it doesn't count.

53.Which is the single store that you max out
your credit card at: i don't use credit cards, they fuck
people over.

54.What do you do most often when you are bored:

55.What words or phrases do you over use: "heh" "dude"
(although i've seriously cut back on that one)

56.Friend that lives the farthest away: all you freaks in
hawaii are pretty far away.

57.Most annoying thing: liers.

58.Best thing: at the moment, drugs. alcohol is a close

59.Bedtime: i have a whack sleeping schedule right now, i
can't seem to get to bed before 5 am... it sucks.

60.Who will respond the fastest? probably jenn.

61.Who will be the least likely to respond: uhhhh... you
should all respond damnit.

62.What time is it now: 4:17 am