evolving i thought
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2001-09-20 09:41:07 (UTC)

the nineteenth came and passed

early on august of the same date, i left you in copenhagen. my
plane arrived in san francisco,
flying on the same light which saw me leave you that
morning. i carry a souvenir- a heart i never knew was
there. now i feel its weight.

it is day there now, night still here. this night is chasing
the tail of that day. while that day is chasing the tail of
this night. dawn and dusk. we are like that, at constant
opposites of the globe.

i miss you. soon, with another turn of the calendar,
another nineteenth will come and pass. you will still be
there, and i here. i will long for you more and wonder if
the time that has passed will bring our next meeting
closer, or just put more distance from our last moment
with each other.

i miss you. soon will come the same day that gave you
warmth and light. i'll bask in it knowing its fingers, each
ray of light, has touched your hair setting each strand

i miss you. soon this darkness will reach you. then i
wish i am there to give you warmth, my fingers finding
you in the dark, holding you, until the day comes again.

oh sun, oh moon, witnesses to this misery. could you
eclipse this emotion?

i miss you.

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