One hell of a life
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2003-02-04 03:44:40 (UTC)

2-4-03 entry thirty nine

Okay, last night dad sat down for like hours to help plan
my study schedule for the IGCSE's. I've got hours of work
to do every day (like an hour and half, or two hours).

I have so totally decided. I dont need any guys until the
IGCSE's are over. No boyfriends. They'll just distract me.

Ha. Yeah right. Like I'll stick to that plan...but anyway,
I'm not going to go looking for guys. If they come, they
come. That's okay.

WHAt else...Oh i forgot to mention before, Kirst left to go
back to NZ. That lucky thing, she left so suddenly.

And...yeah. Hey, LOIS you dick, you never write in your
diary anymore.

Okay this is the most boring holiday I've been on. I'm
gonna go "study", sadly enough.

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