pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-09-20 09:26:01 (UTC)

no title. what topic do you give something that HAS no particular topic?

the funeral was absolutely beautiful. i cried. pepe cried.
everyone cried. they had the open casket up the front so we
could say goodbye one last time. i wish i'd known that
before. i would have written a poem or a letter and put it
the flowers we so pretty.
astrid sang "amazing grace". it sounded so, so sad and
melancholy because they had the mic on echo and the church
was so big. it was in meme & pepe's church, sacred heart in
st kilda.
the service was sad.
everyone had all these little stories to tell. i couldn't
stop crying. the whole thing was just so, SO beautiful.
after the service we went to see the coffin buried, the
lowering of it was perhaps the saddest part of all.
goodbye, uncle roland.
luvv, brigitte


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