2001-09-20 08:27:47 (UTC)


well this past week has been filled with random things to
eat away at me. The boy i like confusing me, my first year
in college, the roomies, and of course the home sickness.
Well first things first the boy Randy i met up here in mt.
pleasent, michigan. He is totaly cool he is my little punk
boy. the funny thing is i don't dress the way he does, but
it really shocked him when he discovered that i love punk
music. He is way more into it then me, but he keeps me
updated. Here goes the story.......One thursday way back we
meet at a football game. I really did not talk to him
there, but when we all went to my friend Mark's after he
came up and started talking to me. Well to make a long
story short we kissed, but that was it my friends a couple
of kisses. well labor day came around we all went home, but
when we came back i was visiting my friend Drew, and decied
to say hi while i was in the hall. Merrill I live there!
(not really its a all guys dorm, but all my friends ar
usually guys) Anyways it was cool we hung out he flirted
alls well. then next time we all went to Mark's his friend
Jon thought it be funny to make us feel weird by making fun
of it and telling us to go and make out, and much more.
well things got weird and so on, but today and for the last
week he is being real cool again i am confused, but what
can i do? So the school thing is getting to me too. I just
want to do good, and i feel like this my not happen. i hope
so! Miss the fam, but i don't want to go home! i just don't
know! and then the roomies are trying to get me to do
things and clean things i don't use i clean what i use i
don't have time to do everyone else shit! well anyways then
there is all the stuff thats going on and to tell you the
truth it scares the living hell out of me! also i miss the
best friend jamie. Great girl don't know what i do with out
her. love you sweetie!!!!!! well i guess i am about done.
peace out fellas and ladies i got to go to bed!!!!!!
Song of the day: Mest "drawing board"Randy found out i like this song
a lot and sung it and played it for me on the gutiar!!!!!What a sweet
boy see confusing!
word to discribe me today: Agitated
Friday: Going to Adrian college to see a free concert!!!! Pumped
up!!!!Going with lee,laurn,Mike,and Jason! Can't wait!