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2003-02-04 02:41:20 (UTC)

people make me so mad...

I hate when people dont have anything better to do than
tryin to mkae friends bout sayin crap about other
people...it only makes it worse for themselved...patricia
pietz you gotta get a life and stop talking baout
people...Yout tell me crap about people...and you expect
me to laugh with you...well lemme tell you this. Talk
about my friends again..and i wanna see how your f*ucked
up face will look like after im done with you got me?! I
dunno if your just ignoring the fact...but 99.9% of the
8th grade population at thorne HATES you. Whenever they
tell you to go away, you laugh, thinkin were joking. Well
lemme tell you something else so you dont friggen keep
embarrasing yourself...WERE NOT JOKING! stop spreading
rumors about people...yeah you know who im talking about.
You know every single person. Sayin people are Whores or
sluts. Whenever me and Vanessa blow up on you...the next
day you think we like you...we dont like you..never
did..and lemme jus say we never will...i mean i thought
you would have gotton the picture when vanessa pretty much
beat the sHiZ outta you. You just come crawling back.
Sayin that you and her are like sisters...youz NEVER
were...and trust me i know vanessa from head to toe...and
she hates you JUST AS MUCH as i hate you...well, since it
takes a lot of explanation to get through to your thick
head that just sits there sucking up to people even though
they hate you more then anything, im gonna keep going. (i
could right a novel on this...just thought you owuld like
to know) Well patricia...stop sayin crap about danielle
susi and...you know everyone else...the list is way to big
to mension...cause there really cool people (unlike you).
You think your all tough...your a poser friggen copying
off a people! your like a fly dammit! I dont think you
understand how annoying you are...i mean think how you
would feel if someone came in with the same exact shirt
you had, because they liked it...and they do it
continuously...how would you feel if theres this friggin
argoant biotch :::cough cough::: fallowing wherever you go
whatever you do everyone you hang out with...trish GET A
F*UCKEN LIFE! oh..and i dont mean copy off of someones
life...your really stupid for thinking all these people
like you...today at lunch when me and vanessa were friggen
screamin at you and tellin you why we friggen ahte you so
much, you just fought back DENYING everything..lemme tell
you that everyone at that table knew that you were hiding
your act. and every time one of the guys cracked a joke
about you you would laugh...basically you were makin fun
of yourself haha moron. Any way stop tryin to actso
innocent cause you aint...so jus let it go..and fins
someother people to annoy