2001-09-20 06:36:42 (UTC)

Better to write than burn deal or take pain, right?

He said, "You know I can have dreams about people and wake
up mad at them?"
I said, "Cheer up. You know I love you."
I couldn't see his face, but I know he was smiling when he
replied, "Aww. Maybe I'll have okay dreams tonight."
Other people don't get it like he does, they don't
understand me as well as he does. I only met him a few
months ago, but I already feel like we've been friends for
years, like I can tell him anything and he would never
judge me or think less of me, because no matter what I say,
he can see right through it to the real me. I don't have to
feign anything with him, he already knows who I am and what
I'm about. I love meeting people like him, they're such a
rare breed. He gives me a renewed faith in the human race.
He sent me a poem that he wrote. The subject title was
an apology...just like I wrote to him with last night's
thoughts: "I apologize in advance for this..." He wrote
back and said, "No apology is necessary, I really enjoy
your writing." But then he sent me this poem of his, and
completely blew me out of the water. I knew he had it in
him, but this was the first time I'd seen it so blatently
out in the open, so clear and vulnerable to my criticism.
The thing that flattered me, besides the fact that he'd let
me read it at all, was that he actually valued my opinion
of it. And the truth was that it was powerful
that while I was reading it, I actually felt tears. I had
to read between the lines to capture the full meaning of
it, but in the end it made sense. I was thoroughly
impressed by it, and I told him so.
"...and at your funeral, I will sing the requiem...I'd
offer you my hand, but it would hurt too much to watch you
die..." -Saves the Day