Niahm's Quest
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2001-09-20 06:31:19 (UTC)

So, I gave up on trying to find..

So, I gave up on trying to find out whether me and Paul are
going to be together in 2 years. I cant read his mind, and
I cant make him figure out what he wants any faster than he
does on his own.

Shanna's wedding is in a few weeks.. school is rollin'.

Life seems to be going on.

On Monday I picked up an injured Elf Owl for the rehab.. I
love my job. Jamie told me that I should be able to get a
really good job when I graduate b/c of all the volunteer
hours Im putting in..

I told amy the other day that When I first met her, I had a
crush on her. She took it well. :)

Blessed Be.

p.s. Sunday morning, Raphael came over and we meditated.
Its the most peace Ive felt since last Tuesday. Turns out my
ASL teacher was in NY last week, saw the WTC fall.. got a
chilling reinactment on monday.. yuck