Nick's Journal
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2001-09-20 06:09:56 (UTC)

The Weightroom

my back hurt so badly today it wasn't even funny. by 12
o'clock i had taken 1200 mg of ibuprofen. who would have
thought that this would have an adverse effect? all i know
is that i spent half an hour talking to a non-existent
manatee about cheetos. however, because i'm such a smart
person i decide to go lift at 6 anywayz (after having
passed out for about 4 hours).
the good thing is that i didn't feel one god damn thing.
seriously, you could have used my nutsack as a punching bag
and i wouldn't have budged. still, i think i'm gonna pay
for it tomorrow :-(....FUCK!
now about the weight room. it seems like every downsie,
inbred, egotistical, dumbass saunters in there. the sad
thing is that every one of them thinks that they're gods
gift to war memorial gym. most of them wear wife-beaters,
but the worst are the guys that have long sleeves but roll
them up to show their "bulging" biceps. however, there's
nothing that i like seeing more than some 300 lb she-male
of a woman bench-pressing 500 lbs...i guess those women
from sbarro need the strength. the only thing that's
funnier than the 400 lb big bertha women are the 150 lb
guys who think they're hercules because they take
steroids. they put on about double their body weight and
then drop the weight on their scrawny chests. the good
thing is that they only come once a year, and are then
placed in the intensive care ward.
next to the egos i dont' get the music. i'm sorry but i
can't "pump iron" to the up-lifting beats of love shack or
cindi lauper. maybe some lion king music but i mean come
on...alanis morrisette? those trouble-some canadians, i
say we should "accidentally" side-swipe their record
industry as we go to decimate the middle east.
-- side note. Sbarro. i go and order a pizza and because
i'm a fat ass i also want spaghetti and meatballs, the
transvestite at the counter tells me it's gonna be about 20
mins. after half an hour i go there and ask for the
spaghetti and i'm told it's still being made...come on guys
it's spaghetti, not chili in the crock pot. you dump it in
water, you take it out. however, i did manage to fuck up
instant mashed i guess i should shut the
hell up. in fact anytime i try to "cook" anything where
you have to do more than just open the can and nuke
it......well let's just say it's a good thing that my house
has 911 on speed dial.
-- i'm actually kinda looking forward to going back home
for a weekend, i don't know what it is but after about 4
weeks of this college shit, i get kinda sick of the
people. the fake friendliness of everyone that wants to
meet everyone else. i'm still a big advocate of the
cigarette flicking. don't know what that is? well my
friend from canada, David (who i met in austria, and yes i
do have a canadian friend so i don't hate and fear
them....although god knows we should) whenever asked for a
cigarette would say "sure" and then flick it on the ground
and watch the pathetic addict pick it up and try to walk
away with some dignity. now kids don't try this at home as
you may get your ass kicked, however it's fun to do on a
college step when people try to make conversation through
their sordid addiction. hahahahahahahahaha...good night.

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