Fins Talk and Other Thoughts
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2003-02-04 01:17:33 (UTC)

Pro-Bowl Domination--Monday, 3 February 2003, 8:08 p.m.

The Pro-Bowl was a long game, wasn't it? All I can say is
that I thank the LORD for the Dolphins! Without them, the
AFC would be nothing. Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas both
had interceptions! It was awesome. The AFC's victory is
just one hint of the truth behind my theory. What
theory? The fact that the Playoffs are rigged. No, I
mean it. Think about it. The Patriots won the Superbowl
last year right after the September 11th attacks. THE
PATRIOTS! And then, this year they didn't even make the
Playoffs. I can see how that could happen. So, John
Gruden moves to Tampa for this year. He's a good coach.
I'll admit that much. It's even feasible that a first-
year coach could make it to the Superbowl. I'll buy it.
But TWO first-year coaches?? It's fishy. Ironic also
that Gruden just happens to be facing his old team.
Hmmm . . . that's weird. Also, let's talk MVP. Can
anyone really believe that Rich Gannon deserves to be the
NFL MVP? For Chrirst's sake, the Dolphins sacked him so
much, he became used to laying on his back! Stats say
that the Raiders had the #1 offense in the league, but I
don't buy it that Gannon should be the MVP. I think the
people who make the stats don't want to look bad, so they
gave it to him. And here's another thing: I am so sick
of the Bucs' fans. So what if they won the Superbowl?
Half of their fans didn't become fans until the Playoffs
this year. And there's nothing I hate more than a
bandwagon fan, except for maybe a bandwagon redneck fan
(which is almost the only fans the Bucs can get!). I'm
not anti-Bucs. I am proud that they won. I just wish
that they had a fan-base that wasn't so stupid.

Until next time . . .

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