Book of Suicide
2003-02-04 01:03:51 (UTC)

illusions of the goblet

if you were to fill a glass with blood, what would you
see? crimson liquid that justifies your being somehow? or
is that blood just an illusion, an illusion like everything
anyone has ever told you? the lies. the tears. the
pain. the dark. where does it end? is there a being in
that chalice, or is there nothing? did you conceive it, or
does the image appear merely as it's meant to be viewed?
is it a projection meant to make the viewer comfortable
when looking at death in a glass? what is it? is this
death in its purest form? is it dawn's first light
dripping into an ever-thirsty basin that will cleanse the
world? perhaps it is a kingdom that rules as it pleases
and hosts as it pleases. behold, the illusions of the