sammyboy Sam Al-Jafari

Sam Al-Jafari's Elective Diary
2001-09-20 05:35:29 (UTC)

Working hard!!!

Ok, I'm currently in the library about to start work on my
second case presentation. This may sound like a bit too much
hard work for an elective, but the deal is as follows - I
present tomorrow, the last day of week 4 of my elective, and
I don't need to set foot in the hospital again. Yep, that's
right 5 weeks of east coast shananigans.
So what have I been doing for the last week?
Well the weather has started improving after a shitty first
few weeks, so Rob and I have spent a lot of time on the
beaches of Sydney trying to boogey board. I was well gutted
on Sunday, because I woke up thinking that it would be a
good day to go to Bondi, but couldn't find anyone to go
with. The next day, I read in the paper that Britney Spears
had been there. And for those of you who don't know, Bondi
is not a big beach. If I'd have been there, I'd have seen
her. GUTTED.
Towards the end of last week, a load of other Manchester
medics (Pierre Campbell, Dave, Paul Dunne) who are in
hospitals in sydney suburbs came down for a few nights out
and days on the beach.
On monday night, I went out with my housemates for one of
their birthdays, but ended up dumping them and meeting up
with Rob in some pool bar. By the time we made it to
Macdonalds for post drinking food, the breakfast menu had
Oh yeah, one more funny story for today -
One of my flatmates is a 6 foot blonde American girl who
once modelled for Tommy Hillfiger. Sometime last week, she
was complaining that no guys had hit on her for ages (!!!)
she didn't understand that this was because she keeps going
out with the gay guy in the flat and they look like a
couple, so I bet her a pint that I would take her to a bar
where she would be hit on within 5 minutes of walking in.
So, we went to Scubar and I told her to walk in on her own
and I'd come in after and we'd pretend not to know each
other for 5 mins. So anyways, I ended up chatting to some
bristol medics who I met at the bar by coincidence for about
1/2 an hour, then I go over to find christy who is sat on a
table with 4 guys in suits. I say hello and didn't buy I
single drink for the rest of the night. These city boys
liked her so much, and thought that I was the pimp or
something, so I ended up with at least 2 glasses of drink in
front of me for the rest of the night. !!! Nice.