my manic world
2001-02-21 04:27:48 (UTC)

ssoo.....after some thinking, i..

ssoo.....after some thinking, i have decided that i didn't
begin my public journal well. maybe those out there taking
the time to read this should know something about me. i am
a 18 year old female who lives a little outside of
houston. i go to high school, take college classes, work,
and some how find time for a social life. i have a
girlfriend i love very much and a happy life i suppose. am
i happy all the time??? i am not sure, i am not sure of
much these days. confusion fills my every waking moment.
i use to be so self assured, and i guess i still am to a
point. who knows? i don't. i am a self proclaimed
internet addict. i get on all the time. manic
depressive?? maybe. it is genetically linked or so i have
been told. my grandmother is a manic depressive. she
disgusts me. with all her pills and shit. lets not go
down that road. so....anyways.....i am not sure if i am
manic or not, others have thought that of me. what else to
say???? :thinking: i might be taking anger management
classes, or going to counseling. i need help. i get mad a
lot. life sucks, but everyone tells me it doesn't have
to. well......i just don't know what to say about myself.
thats a strange concept seeing how i always have something
to say. i have been told thats one of my down falls, never
knowing when to shut up. oh wells. good bye for now